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Health Benefits You can Get from Yoga

yoga health benefit

Yoga is more than just being flexible and getting to do all the cool poses so you can post in on your social media. If you do it with the right instructor and you commit to going to the class once a week, there are countless of health benefits that your body will experience. To sum it up, here are the main four things that you will notice after three or five months of practicing.

Better Immune System

Just like doing any other sport, when you get your body to be active, and you break out of your regular routine which involves almost no significant exercise for your muscles, things will change for the better. And one of the first things that you can notice right away is how strong your immune system is, all the breathing exercises, meditation, and flow of Surya Namaskar will easily repel any virus or diseases that you are exposed to every day in public places and when hanging out with strangers.

Fit Physique

fitThough losing weight and looking more fit is just a bonus that you will get from doing yoga, you can not deny that all the improvements that you feel in your body make you feel better in every way. Suddenly running down the streets or sprinting up the stairs is not a challenge anymore, you can run and not get tired by the first ten minutes because of your physique.

Keep Your Heart and Lungs Strong

Do not underestimate how tiring and challenging yoga can be, and you may go to the gym every day yet you might not survive an hour of yoga because you will have to move your muscles in ways that you have never done before which is will make your heart race. Many that have tried it once and hated it will say that it hurts and not enjoyable because they are not flexible and all they do in the class is stretching. But what people not realize is it is all about controlling your breathing which will make your lungs stronger.

Better Mental Health

meditationWhat makes Yoga unique and different from other exercises is the way it can help you to become a more positive and calm person. Mental health is just as important as your body, the meditation that you do at the end of your yoga routine is your time to learn and make peace with yourself. Yoga will teach you about how to love yourself and appreciate every part of your body, which is something can benefit everyone.